Louise has written, edited, revised and nuanced hundreds of corporate documents during her career to date. Everything she looks at receives great care and attention, as she believes all sentences are ‘worth it’ – language doesn’t have to be highbrow literature to enrich the way we communicate.

She began her career as a recruitment copywriter, learning the fine art of condensing reams of HR data into crisp, targeted prose.

Louise’s next step took her into Direct Marketing, where she helped charities meet demanding fundraising targets with emotive appeals to supporters’ generosity.

Her career then took off in corporate communications when she became a regular freelance supplier at Unilever. Here, she developed rigorous journalistic skills as she dug out, researched and wrote engaging stories for the company’s intranet site.

With this wide palette of skills to draw upon, Louise is now ideally positioned to help clients with their growing social media challenges.



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