Fusions, sensations, inspirations, expressions

Yesterday I bought a bar of Galaxy Fusions for the first time. I’m not sure exactly what was being fused with what here – but I can never resist the allure of the Latinate Plural in product naming.

The Latinate Plural is basically any kind of aspirational Latinate word, rendered in the indefinite plural, to convey a vague sense of premium-ness and innovation. Sensations, Expressions, Inspirations, Fusions, Infusions, Impressions, Explorations…you can find them across almost every category.

The Latinity brings aspiration; the indefinite plural a sense of reverie. Combining them takes us above the mundane to somewhere a little more elevated and poetic. I love to collect Latinate Plurals on trips around the supermarket – if you spot a new one, please let me know!

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